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The Black and Red Ware ceramics have a wide distribution and are reported from Chalcolithic, Megalithic and Early Historic contexts. In the Chalcolithic context of Gujarat, it can be chronologically roughly placed between 3900 – 1000 BCE. The dual colour of the ceramic is the result of the inverted firing technique. The ceramic type, though initially obtained from Rangpur, is prevalent in most of the Chalcolithic sites of Gujarat. The major shapes include bowl, jar and dish and some of the bowls were painted using a white colour. The Black-and-Red Ware ceramics are found associated with Micaceous Red Ware, Classical Harappan, Prabhas Ware, Sorath Harappan, and Early Harappan Burial/Pre-Urban Harappan Sindh-related pottery, Pre-Prabhas Assemblage, Anarta Tradition, Lustrous Red Ware, Malwa Ware and Jorwe Ware.

Black-and-Red Ware from Nagwada (Courtesy: Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda)