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Niramakkulam, Pathanamthitta

Niramakkulam is a megalithic cist burial site located in Kozhanchery taluk of Pathanamthitta district. Five different wares were noticed in the excavation from Niramakkulam and they include, black and red ware, red ware black ware, black and black polished wares, some chocolate-coloured wares and a few grey wares. Black and red wares are distinct pottery characterized by two surface colours: black on the interior and outer rim and red on the exterior. Black and red ware culture (BRW) is a late Bronze Age and early Iron Age archaeological culture of the northern and central Indian subcontinent. Bowls in from the highest percentage in the potteries. Pots come next and ring stand and lids follow. Dish and basins are very few in number.

Niramakkulam Ceramics

  • Black and Red Ware Bowl from Niramakkulam
  • Miniature Black and Red Ware Pot from Niramakkulam
  • Black ware Ring stands from Niramakkulam
  • Black Ware Lids from Niramakkulam
  • Black and Red Ware Tumbler/ Bowl from Niramakkulam

Kuttikkol, Kasaragod

Kuttikkol is a megalithic site located in Kuttikkol village of Kasaragod taluk, Kasaragod district. At the site of Kuttikkol, three rock-cut chamber burials were excavated.  Burial no. 2 yields a good amount of pottery. Two varieties of black ware including the black and red ware and the black slipped ware, grey ware and red ware, are included in the pottery found. Bowls, miniature pots, lids and stands are the shapes of the potteries from Kuttikkol. The displayed megalithic pottery is:

  • Black ware lid from Kuttikkol