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Different kinds of stone objects were unearthed from Chalcolithic sites in Gujarat. They include beads, blades, cores, scrapers, lunates, triangles, seals, weights, polishers, grinding stones, pestles, sling balls, hammer stones and manufacturing wastes. Almost all studies related to the stones were conventional in nature and all the excavation reports contain descriptions of stone tools from various sites. Stone beads, sling balls and stone weight were excavated from Bet Dwarka. Microliths including cores, scrapers, lunates, triangles and blades were excavated from the Chalcolithic level at Dhatva. Cores, flakes, lunates, triangles, trapeze, blades, balls, querns, door-supporters etc made out of jasper, chert, carnelian, chalcedony, sandstone, limestone, basalt and garnet were discovered from Jokha. Apart from the microliths like core, lunates, trapeze, points and scrapers; querns, mullers, rubber stones and beads of carnelian, chert and agate were recovered from Kanewal. Beads of carnelian, chalcedony, agate, feldspar, gneiss, quartz, lapis lazuli, jasper and glauconite; pendants of granite and agate; weights of chert, quartzite and basalt; gamesman of chert, ear stud of chert; querns of basalt; rubber stones of basalt and quartzite; mullers of basalt; hammer stones of chalcedony, quartz and quartzite, sharpener, anvil and mace heads of chalcedony and basalt; sling balls of quartz and basalt; anchor stones of miliolite; chert blades and cores comprised the stone tool kit of Kuntasi. A lot of stone objects were unearthed from Lothal and they include steatite seals, sandstone rotary mill, saddle querns, mullers, pounders, dishes, bowls, polishers, burnishers, wet stones, touch stones, hammer stones, mace heads, net sinkers, sling balls, blades, flakes, cores, lunates, weights, anchors, beads of lapis lazuli, agate, carnelian, steatite, jasper, opal, chrysoprase, onyx, cairngorm, bloodstone, plasma, chalcedony, amethyst, crystal and amazonite. Stone objects unearthed from Malvan include steatite and carnelian beads, rubber stone, hammer stone, saddle quern and marbles. From Nageswar, cores, scraper, burin, flakes, blades, querns, mullers, pounders, weight, hammer stones, whetstones and carnelian beads were unearthed. Apart from the microliths, stone balls, shaped stones and jasper bead blank were recovered from Oriyo Timbo. Beads of steatite, carnelian, jasper and agate; querns, mullers and weights of sandstone and schist were recovered from all the levels of Rangpur. Stone weights, burnisher, carnelian beads, limestone beads, cores, blades and flakes were recovered from Rojdi. Agate and lapis lazuli beads, fluted cores, lunates, burins, retouched blades, scrapers, limestone balls and sandstone mullers were unearthed from Somnath.