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Terracotta objects unearthed from excavated sites in Gujarat consist of human figurines, animal figurines, toy carts, wheels, discs, rings, spindle whorls, fishnet weights (net sinkers), stoppers, weights, sealings, balls, triangular cakes, clay lumps with finger impressions (mushtikas), bangles, beads, pendants, ear studs, inlay pieces, ladles, crucibles, pipes and pottery. No scientific studies were carried out on the terracotta objects from Harappan Gujarat. Conventional studies of terracotta objects from Gujarat include those of Bet Dwarka, Dhatva, Jokha, Kanewal, Kuntasi, Lothal, Malvan, Nageswar, Oriyo Timbo, Rangpur, Rojdi, Ratanpur, Somnath,Vagad, Surkotada and Bagasra. Rogersdotter studied the cart frames from Bagasra and used the results of the analysis to interpret the practice of child care and the various purposes of carts.