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The iron objects can be broadly divided into two groups; weapons and implements (Darsana 2010). The iron weapons include axes, daggers, arrowheads, knives, spearheads, swords and tridents. The implements include sickles, billhooks, chisels, nails, rods, tripod stands, wedges, ploughshares and lamps with a handle. However, there is a lot of variations in the shapes and dimensions of each type of iron object. Certain objects can have multiple uses like defence, hunting, agriculture, domestic, etc. Many of the iron tools found are tanged tools without proper handles (e.g. knife, sickle, etc.), which were probably used by hafting with wooden handles.

Iron Objects from Niramakkulam

Niramakkulam is a megalithic cist burial site located in Kozhanchery taluk of Pathanamthitta district. Eight iron implements were found from the cist which included varieties of sickles and knives.  Iron slags were also collected from the nearby areas of the site. None of the implements has been handled in its proximal end.

  • Sickles from Niramakkulam
  • Knife from Niramakkulam
  • Knife cum sickle from Niramakkulam
  • Nail from Niramakkulam
  • Unidentified objects from Niramakkulam


The megalithic site Mandapakkunnu is situated at Kottukunnam Village of Nellanad Grama Panchayath, Nedumangadu taluk, Thiruvananthapuram district. Artefacts collected from the site include fragments of pottery possibly belonging to an urn burial, some associated pottery and iron implements. The displayed iron objects are:

  • arrowhead from Mandapakunnu
  • rod and pointed edges possibly belong to any weapons

Varavattoor, Thrissur

Varavattooris a megalithic urn burial site located in Desamangalam village of Thalappilly, Thrissur district. Billhook was found along with an urn from Varavattoor. The displayed iron object is:

  • Iron Billhook from the site Varavattoor

Kuttikkol, Kasaragod

Kuttikkol is a megalithic site located in Kuttikkol village of Kasaragod taluk, Kasaragod district. At the site of Kuttikkol, three rock-cut chamber burials were excavated.  Burial no. 2 yields five fragments of iron objects, all of them were heavily corroded but it is likely that they belong to one object, most probably a spearhead. The displayed object is:

  • Iron knife/sword from Kuttikkol