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Juna Khatiya is an Early Harappan burial site located in Lakhpat Taluka of Kachchh district in Gujarat.

The site was discovered in 2016 during a field survey conducted by the Department of Archaeology, University of Kerala. The surface surveys documented the spread of burials for approximately 16 hectares. This is the biggest Early Harappan cemetery documented in India so far. The estimated number of burial pits is over 500. The excavations by the Department of Archaeology, University of Kerala in 2019 and 2020 revealed over 75 burials. The burials show diverse burial practices in the form of inhumations and symbolic burials with Early Harappan Sindh Type pottery. The burial structures are made of dressed sandstone and the majority of them are rectangular in plan followed by oval or circular ones. The burial goods such as pottery, stone tools, lithic debitage, stone beads, terracotta beads, shell beads and shell bangles were unearthed from many burials.

Burial Pottery from Juna Khatiya 

Pottery from the burials is of various shapes like pots, jars, basins, dishes, bowls, dish on stands, bottles, beakers and lids. Some of the vessels have elaborate painted decorations also. A few Classical Harappan vessels and many Reserved Slip Ware vessels were also unearthed from the burials. Yet another distinctive feature includes beakers and other smaller vessels, found within larger vessels. Painting on Reserved Slip Ware jar is another peculiar feature noticed at Juna Khatiya. These ceramics show similarities to the Pre-Urban Harappan ceramics from Amri, Nal  Damb Sadaat, Balakot and Kot Diji. Similar Pre-Urban Harappan ceramics were also reported from sites in Gujarat like Dhaneti, Mathal, Janan, Surkotada, Warodra, Shapur, Lohij, Nagwada, Santhli, Vaharvo Timbo, Moti Pipli, Mathutra and Datrana.

Excavated Harappan burial ground in Juna Khatiya, Gujarat

Excavations at Juna Khatiya by Department of Archaeology, University of Kerala

Excavated Harappan Burial at Juna Khatiya

Burial offerings found inside a grave

Burial with offerings at Juna Khatiya