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 Pachampalla Kasaragod

Pachampalla is a megalithic urn burial site located in Inchalangod village of Manjeswar taluk, Kasaragod district. A barrel-shaped Bead was found inside a pot. The site is divided into two different localities. Locality I noticed four urns, a pot, a ring stand two-legged bowls and a miniature bowl. Bone fragments and Barrel-shaped Bead found inside the big pot. The displayed artefact is:

  • A stone  bead from an urn burial site in Pachampalla

Kallimaly, Idukki

Kallimaly is situated in the Rajakkad village of Rajakkad panchayath, Udumbanchola taluk, Idukki district. The site Kallimaly is comprised of two localities (Loc-I and Loc II). Typologically the megalithic vestige found on this site is an urn burial.  Artefacts collected from the site include a typical red ware pot and a Black and red ware goblet. Black and red wares are distinct pottery characterized by two surface colours: black on the interior and outer rim and red on the exterior. Black and red ware culture (BRW) is a late Bronze Age and early Iron Age archaeological culture of the northern and central Indian subcontinent.

Kallimaly Loc-I: Artifacts collected from locality I include:

  • Black and a red ware goblet from the site Kallimaly Locality I

Kallimaly Loc-II: Artifacts collected from locality II include:

  • Granite Celt from Kallimaly Locality II
  • Crucible from Kallimaly from Locality II