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Terracotta Figurines from Thekkekara

The site Thekkekara is situated Thalappilly taluk and Mullassery in Chavakkadu taluk, Thrissur district, Kerala. A total of 71 terracotta figurine fragments were recovered from the site .They are in-the-round images. The figurines include human, animal and some unidentified fragments. The human figurines include a human head, a female bust with breast and necklace, arms, and feet. The animal figurines include legs and horns.

General view of the site Thekkekkara

Figurines from Mullassery

The site Mullassery is located in the premises of Ayyappamkudam temple in Mullassery village in Chavakkad taluk Thrissur district, Kerala. A total of 19 in-the-round terracotta figurine fragments (animals and unidentified) were recovered from the site and legs are the only properly identified pieces. Seven animal legs of different sizes and shapes were noticed. Some are hollow while others are solid.

Location map of Thekkekkara and Mullassery