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Micaceous Red Ware is found associated with Harappan ceramics, though a few scholars have described a prior existence to Harappan occupation it is yet to be validated. Chronologically, it can be placed between 2600 BCE and 1600 BCE. This hand/mould-made pottery has a thick pink to light brown/grey glossy slip with a smooth surface and appears as dusted with tiny mica particles. The vessel forms represented are convex-sided bowl with or with stud handle, shallow dish-basin, globular jar, lamp, bottle and perforated jar. Rangpur, Kanwal, Vagad, Rojdi, Nageshwar, Bagasra, Desalpur and Ratanpura include some of the major sites from which this ceramic is reported.

Micaceous Red Ware from Lothal (after Rao 1985)