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Pre-Prabhas pottery is the non-Harappan assemblage first unearthed in the 1956-57 excavation at Prabhas Patan (Somnath). The precise time period of the origin of the Pre-Prabhas Assemblage in Gujarat is not clear but it can be relatively dated between c. 3300 – 2600 BCE. It is characterised by handmade pottery consisting of Red Ware, Incised Red Ware, Black-and-Red Ware and Grey Ware. The forms represented are wide-mouthed jars, deep or shallow basins, flat bottomed basins with flaring sides and incised rims. Pre-Prabhas pottery s found in association with Anarta pottery, and Pre-Urban Harappan Burial pottery.

Pre-Prabhas pottery from Somnath (after Dhavalikar and Possehl 1992)